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Lady Gaga?s Head Tattoo & Other News

September 17, 2012

Lady Gaga has decided to get a tattoo on the back on her head, which by the way, is now shaved. Is it desperation? Or just another example of her groundbreaking sense of style? Either way you look at it, shaving the back of your head up to your scalp level, then getting inked has to hurt. The tattoo itself was done in front of a huge group of people in New York. It is actually the FAME symbol from her albums. The symbol will also be used on her perfume line, which was launched during the tattooing “ceremony.” So is it desperation that some of her latest projects have flopped? Maybe. But this one seems more like a business move. We’ll have to see if it pans out for her. Get more on the story over at Pop On The Pop. So Eva Longoria is dating Mark Sanchez from The Jets… but will this cause the celebrity curse to strike the team? – Have U Heard. Ouch this has to hurt about as bad as when he punched Rihanna. Chris Brown’s latest album actually has domestic abuse warning stickers on it – Diva Blog. Celebs go through a lot […]


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