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Google developing malware scanner for Android devices, says report

October 16, 2012

Google is launching its own malware scanner for Android devices, according to a report.

Android Police discovered a feature dubbed ‘App Check’ within the latest APK release of the Google Play store, suggesting the platform holder is boosting security device-side.

Google Android statue

? PA Images / Paul Sakuma/AP

App Check will monitor users’ tablets and smartphones for malicious activity to ensure there are no malicious apps running in the background. It will also scan newly downloaded applications and prevent those containing malware from being installed.

Google already operates a server-side security system on the Play Store known as Bouncer, which helps it detect rogue software on the storefront itself. App Check is expected to work in conjunction with the existing service.

Earlier this month, a type of malware capable of wiping all data stored on an Android handset was exposed, forcing Google to move quickly and issue a patch to protect users from the threat.

Google dismissed reports earlier this year that Android handsets were being used as botnets to generate spam emails.


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