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Early Metaphysical Ideas

October 22, 2012

Early Metaphysical Ideas

Are our actions the result of circumstances or are we directed by external influences such as Cosmic vibrations? There are individuals who are masters and creators of their destinies for part of their lives, and innocent victims of fate at other times.

Some individuals believe it is the environment that has gradually molded our civilization and made mankind what it is. Others believe you may want to lay aside that belief and think again. There is an ancient system of self-mastery that contains fundamental principles that suggest you have complete control over your fate and that mankind has always had it.

These fundamental principles were recorded centuries ago and were evolved through observation over time. The principles were founded and perfected by test and application and reveal that all life and all existence within the universe are expressed in cycles.

It was determined that the cyclic periods are equivalent to certain measured rhythmic stresses and cosmic impulses . So, at a certain time of the day there is a cosmic impulse that is specific for reaping the benefits of a specific human activity. Go work out at the gym during the G period on Friday, for example.

Enthusiasts who believe in these principles might set a wedding ceremony to begin at 5:30 pm on a Thursday in order to reap all the positive influences for their union. They have become masters of their fate because they have timed their union to begin when the cosmos is most in favor of marriage.

According to the true believers the newlyweds will have the advantage over couples who marry without this knowledge. The newlyweds believe there are cosmic vibrations that have negative effects on couples who marry during a time of negative influences related to marriage.

Modern scientists have found that there is a definite rhythm to the human breathing process and heart action that closely resembles the more pronounced rhythms of cosmic energy. These findings suggest that these vibrations influence all living things on the planet ? including plants. The findings also suggest that the influences can be timed and measured.

The ancients who studied these influences were convinced that we can become master of our fate by designing our activities around the daily cycles and time periods suggested in these studies. These studies began with ?The order of The Rosicrucians.? Further information regarding The Rosicrucians is available online.


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