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The Google Penguin Upate and Article Marketing | The Board …

October 26, 2012

Many article marketing strategies have been ruined by the effects of the Google Penguin update. What?s the point of writing and submitting articles if they are going to be ignored? Even asking that question displays an ignorance of the Penguin update, and the fact that many people do not know to use it their advantage.

Yes ? opportunities! By understanding why the Google Penguin update has been thought necessary, that knowledge can be used to beat your competitors. I have outline below what I feel the Penguin update is trying to achieve, and how you can design your article marketing strategies around that.

1. Multiple Backlink Sources

The Problem: The Penguin update will analyze the sources of you backlinks, and will be looking for a variety of sources. Not just lots of article directories, but from other sources such as social bookmarking sites, social networking pages and other websites, blogs and forums. Squidoo can also be used, an in spite of all you read about this site using the no index, nofollow attributes, my own links on my lens do not contain these an I have seen Squidoo pages listed in my linking analysis.

While you will be able to find many alternative ways to get links back to your website, it is the quality of these links that matter, and they must relate closely to the content of the pages they link to ? not only the keyword, but you should make sue the entire page revolves around the meaning of the keyword as it may be analyzed by Google?s LSI algorithm that looks at all the vocabulary you use ? not just keywords. So you should not expect to impress Google by having a link from Madonna?s home page to your gardening page! On the contrary ? it may have a negative impact.

The Solution: You can help yourself to satisfy Google Penguin by not only submitting articles to multiple directories, but also by publishing your links on various other online publications. Use PDF links, such as Scribd, create a Facebook page about you niche, run a static website and a blog, not just one or the other, and also submit your links to as many social bookmaking an networking sites as you can. You can find many more online, but it is not the intention here to offer lists but provide information and advice.

2. Multiple Anchor Text Links

The Problem: If you run a website or blog focusing on the keyword ?my blog,? then expect to be punished if all your anchor text is ?my blog? and all the links lead back the the ?my blog? home page..? The Penguin update has been programmed to find different forms of clickable anchor text.

Over the years, Google algorithms have evolved to offer more weighting to links from authority sites than to content farms and article directories. It is not surprising, therefore, that the requirement for diverse backlink sources and numerous forms of anchor text has affected so many listing positions (or SERPs ? search engine result positions.)

The Solution: One of my websites was situated happily at #1 on Google for its main keyword for over 36 months ? after the Penguin update it was not mentioned at all in the top 100 Google results for its main keyword. I know the home page was indexed because I could find it on my browser, but it was unlisted because I neglected creating a variety of backlink sources and anchor text ? they were restricted to article directories in the main, and then only a few of the major publications.

Visits dropped from 50,000 monthly to 4,000. I have now fixed that, not only by expanding the sources of backlinks, but also by using as many variants of anchor text as I could, and the home page SERP is now slowly recovering.

3. Multiple Landing Pages

The Problem: Most people include their home page as the landing page in their links, and no other. What the Google Penguin update is seeking is a much broader range of web pages receiving your backlinks, and 20 links to a single page is regarded as significantly inferior to 20 links split between 20 pages..

The Solution: Make your links to the pages on your website that most closely relate to the topic of the article. Generate social bookmarking links to multiple pages on your website, and write articles about various facets of your niche: you can link these articles to the page on your site most appropriate to their topic.

There is a lot more. Keep your keyword density to a minimum ? less is best according to Penguin that appears to use LSI more than keyword repetition. 3% KD? Too much! Additionally, create a number of different types of presence on the web and link them together: authority websites, blogs, mini-sites, lenses, SBI sites ? all of this attracts traffic, and that is what you are trying to achieve!

Avoid article spinners ? Google is hunting these down ? and the original writers are doing the same. Write your own or employ ghostwriters. Everything mentioned above is essential if you want the best results online, and if you follow that advice and design effective article marketing strategies, you should have no problems with the Google Penguin update..

Futher details on the Google Penguin update is avaible from Pete?s website Article Services.? You will also find a comprehensive article submission service that meets all the requirements of the Penguin Update. Pete was educated at the Royal High School of Edinburgh and Edinburgh University.

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