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Video: Northeast braces for rain, snow

November 7, 2012

>>> there’s this other storm on the way. by this time tomorrow night we could be seeing bands of snow through new york. the problem is the coastline, there are already mandatory evacuations underway in some jersey shore beach communities. the low lying one where the dunes — the protection is gone, washed away. jim cantore is with us for an update on the severity of the storm. good evening.

>> it’s already coming to fruition, you can see it just off the coast here. these high clouds screaming north to where it’s going to be another cold night tonight in new england. and these storm ravaged area. this model is going to give us an idea of what the storm is going to do. possibly tomorrow morning , no precipitation on the coast yet. it won’t be long after that, look what happens during the evening brian. we change the rain over to snow, even in new york city , the hard hit jersey shore , across long island as well. the wind, surge and now the snow to add insult to injury . nine days after sandy.

>> unbelievable. we’ll talk to you next right back here tomorrow night, jim cantore , thanks.


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