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Trinity Episcopal Church Hosting Community Sing-Along and Wassail Party

December 8, 2012

By David Gell for Trinity Episcopal Church |

The Community Christmas Carol Sing-along and Wassail Party is set for 7:30 to 9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 14.

Trinity Episcopal Church hosts the 29th annual event at 1500 State St. in Santa Barbara.

The community is welcome to combine voices in singing familiar and new carols of the season.

The poetry of Diane Wyman will be featured, interspersed with the singing. Special guests soprano and flutist Jane Hahn, LUX a cappella women?s quartet directed by Jane Hahn, composer and pianist Willi Rose and organist David Gell will offer carol settings.

The traditional Wassail Party follows the sing-along with a wassailing procession, and more carols by the fireside.

The Community Christmas Carol Sing-along and Wassail Party is a holiday family favorite for 29 years. The community is cordially invited to combine voices.

? David Gell represents Trinity Episcopal Church.

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