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Cruz proves a natural on baseball field

August 15, 2013

Jaren Cruz’s parents have always known that he was destined for the limelight.

Though the youngster isn’t even out of elementary school, he picked up his interest in baseball at an early age from his father, Jesse, who plays softball and has always had a love for baseball. During his son’s lifetime, he has always encouraged Jaren Cruz to do the same.

“Since the age of 2, we knew Jaren was going to be a well-rounded player. … He had good arm throws and legs like Speedy Gonzales,” said Jaren’s mother, Rolani Cruz. “(His dad) influenced Jaren … but he is a natural, and introducing baseball to him was easy.”

The boy’s talents don’t lie in baseball alone; a former participant in Muay Thai, he also was encouraged by his mother to follow in the footsteps of his uncles, mixed martial arts fighters Michael Sanchez and Jon Tuck. His passion for his sport remained blatantly obvious, however, leading him to turn down an offer to play football and discontinue his Muay Thai classes in order to concentrate on baseball. He started playing for the Buckaroos and now plays for the Rockies.

“I want nothing but to play just that sport,” he said. “It’s what stuck in my heart. Being with my teammates and having fun playing the sport are what I love the most. … I want to continue the sport for a long time (and) learn more techniques to improve my game.”

“He is a typical young boy with so much energy,” added his mom. “It’s not hard to spot Jaren on game time — the field is his stage, and the audience and coaches always enjoy (watching) him.”

Jaren remains enthusiastic about baseball and would like to play until he reaches the All-Stars. His parents say they can see his love for the sport going beyond his high school years and reaching far into adulthood.


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